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BBC News 1 August 2012 Last updated at 06:46 GMT

China 'to probe badminton loss' as players charged

Players from China and South Korea were warned by the referee during the match
China's Olympic sports delegation has begun an investigation into allegations two badminton players "deliberately lost" their match, state media says.
Doubles players Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli are among eight players charged by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) with "not using one's best efforts to win".
Four players from South Korea and two from Indonesia have also been charged.
China's Olympic Committee opposed any behaviour which violated "sporting spirit and morality", a spokesman said.
Further action could be taken based on the results of the investigation, the spokesman said in a report published by Xinhua news agency.

ダブルスの ユー・ヤン選手とワン・シャオリー選手を含む8名の選手が「勝つために最上の力を発揮していない」 とバドミントン世界連盟より非難を受けた。
報道官によれば中国オリンピック委員会は「スポーツ精神と道徳に反するいかなる行為にも反対すると。 スポークスマンは更に踏み込んだ処置は調査の結果に次第で取ることになると新華社通信の報道の中で述べた。

'Waste energy'
The match between the top-seeded Chinese duo and South Koreans Jung Kyung-eun and Kim Ha-na came under scrutiny after the longest rally in their game lasted four shots.


Match referee Thorsten Berg came on court at one point to warn the players, who also appeared to make deliberate errors.
Both pairs were already through to the quarter-finals. Reports have suggested they both wanted to lose to secure an easier draw.
The Chinese duo lost, meaning - Xinhua noted - that if both Chinese pairs continue to do well, they will not meet until the final.

試合審判のトルステン・ベルグ氏はわざと失敗をしているように見えた選手に警告するためある時点でコートに降りてきた。 両方のペアはすでに準決勝に進んでおり、報道によると両方とも簡単に引き分けにしたいため、負けにしたかった。 この中国の2人組が負ければ、うまく行けば2組の中国ペアが、決勝戦まで会わない事になると新華社は掲載した。

Ms Yu said after the match that the performance was about saving strength.
"We've already qualified, so why would we waste energy? It's not necessary to go out hard again when the knockout rounds are tomorrow."
A subsequent match between South Korean third seeds Ha Jung-eun and Kim Min-jung and Indonesian pair Meiliana Juahari and Greysia Polii also came under scrutiny, with both teams apparently keen to lose - and so avoid the Chinese in the next round.

続いて行われた韓国第3シードのハージュン選手とキムミンジュン選手対インドネシアのペアメイリアナ・ジュアンハリとグレイシア・ポリイ選手との試合も精査された。 両チームとも明らかに負けて、次の試合で中国と当たらないようにしようとした。

A statement from the BWF confirmed that all four pairs would face charges of "not using one's best efforts to win a match" and "conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport".
It is not clear what kind of penalties they could face. They are due to play in the quarter-finals later on Wednesday.

彼らがどのような処罰を受けるか明らかでない。 水曜日の予選には出場予定である。

'No respect'
Australian coach Lasse Bundgaard said the group format of the tournament was to blame.
"If you can win a medal by losing, but not by winning, that's not a good situation to be put in," the Associated Press news agency quoted him as saying.


But a commentary piece carried by Xinhua was more reflective. The players' actions did not "break any rules", it said, but such behaviour damaged "sportsmanship and ethics".
"It is purely an act just for getting gold, with absolutely no respect to the spectators. You will be widely criticised even if you win the gold medal in the end," the commentary read.
"Is it more important for us to ensure a gold-winning opportunity, or to protect China's image and to spread the Olympic spirit?"

新華社の掲載したコメントはもっと反省的である。 選手の行為は規則違反ではなかった。しかしそのような行為はスポーツマンシップと道徳を傷つけた。
「ただ金メダルを得ることだけを目的とした行動で、観客への配慮はまるでない。 たとえ金メダルを獲得したとしても、その行為は多くの人々から非難を受ける行為である。」とそのコメントは述べている。 金メダルを勝ち取る機会を確実にするか、中国のイメージを守り、オリンピック精神を広めるかどちらが大切だろうか」

The row provoked heated debate on on Sina Weibo - one of China's Twitter equivalents. Moderators put up a page dividing comments into support and criticism of the players - and 70% of commentators backed the players.
One user in Beijing said: "It all depends on the result! Once the result is right, the way you achieve it doesn't really matter."
But another from Foshan in southern Guangdong said: "Passive competition, no matter what, goes against the Olympic spirit. All you want to achieve by doing this is to secure both gold and silver."




BBC English News : China protest village Wukan holds council elections

BBC News - AsiaCHINA3 March 2012 Last updated at 05:34 GMT
China protest village Wukan holds council elections
Residents of a Chinese village which staged a high-profile revolt over the
perceived corruption of local officials have voted for a new village committee.

□Wukan: 乌坎、中国広東省の農村
 staged a high-profile revolt:: 激しい反乱を起こした
 perceived corruption:明らかな腐敗

Villagers in Wukan managed to oust local officials three months ago in protests over
land seizures. As part of a deal to end the unrest, China's authorities made the rare concession of allowing fresh elections.
The revolt in Wukan came to symbolise anger felt over similar land grabs by officials
in rural China.

□In protest over: ~に抗議して
 Land seizures: 土地の強制収用

China has allowed low-level elections since the 1980s, and although Communist
Party officials often interfere in the process, the residents of Wukan are confident
that these elections will be different, the BBC's Martin Patience in Beijing reports.
But analysts say the unusual circumstances which led to the vote mean Wukan's
election is unlikely to be replicated elsewhere.


Simmering unrest
Activists from other parts of the country have travelled to Wukan to observe the
polls and to try to highlight their own grievances.
"Wukan is an example for us," Hua Youjuan, a village chief from Huangshan in
eastern China where residents have also protested against corruption, told Reuters.
"What Wukan has achieved through its solidarity is something we can also learn
from," he added.

□ simmer: 煮えたぎる
 Highlight their grievances:彼らの不満をはっきり浮かび上がらせる

国内のほかの地域からやってきた活動家達が「乌坎」村へ選挙を見守りにきて、彼ら地震の不満を浮き彫りにしようとしてきた。ロイター電によると住民が腐敗に抗議してきている中国東部の黄山村の村長、Hua Youjuan氏は「「乌坎」は我々にとって前例をなります」と語った。「「乌坎」が団結を通じて成し遂げたことは、我々がそこから何か学ぶべきものがある」と付け加えた。

Protests had been simmering in Wukan, in Guangdong province, since last
Villagers said officials had sold off their land to developers and failed to compensate
them properly.
The unrest escalated after the death of a village negotiator in police custody in
Police say he died of a "sudden illness", but his family say he was beaten to death.

 compensate: 代償を支払う。
 in police custody: 警察に拘束された状態
 was beaten to death: 殴り殺された

4 November 2011 Last updated at 09:39 GMT

China mine disaster: Dozens trapped by 'rock burst'
Dozens of miners have been trapped in a coal mine in China after a "rock burst", officials say.

trap: (v.) keep somebody in a place from which he wants to move but cannot.
rock burst: 構内の気密状態の空気漏れで起こる落盤事故

Four miners were killed and 50 more are missing after the accident, which
happened late on Thursday in the city of Sanmenxia in Henan province.
State media reported that the rock burst - an explosion caused by the sudden release of built-up pressure - happened shortly after an earthquake.
Hundreds of Chinese miners die every year in pit accidents.
The industry is one of the most dangerous in the world, and is notorious for its lax safety standards.

The city of Sanmenxia in Henan province: 河南省三门峡市
the sudden release of built-up pressure: 管理されていた気密状態の突然の空気漏れ
pit accident:: 坑内事故
notorious for: 悪名高い (何か悪いことで名が知れている)
lax: not sufficiently strict

Earlier this week a gas explosion at a mine in neighbouring Hunan province killed 29 people.
But officials insist the country's record is improving, and say they have taken action by closing many illegal mines.

'Location confirmed'
State TV showed images of seven miners being carried out of the pit alive by rescue teams carrying oxygen tanks.
Officials from the state-run Yima Coal Group, which runs the Sanmenxia mine, said an "intense search" was going on for the missing miners.
"The location of the other miners has been confirmed and we are stepping up our rescue efforts," a company spokesman told the AFP news agency.

the state-run Yima Coal Group: 政府経営の义马(義馬)石炭グループ
intense search: 徹底した捜索
step up: improve something

Local safety officials said 75 miners had been working in the pit at the time of the explosion.
Some 14 managed to escape, seven were rescued and four have been confirmed killed, leaving 50 others trapped.
A small quake hit the area shortly before the rock burst.
Government safety chief Luo Lin told state-run CCTV that the tremor had helped to cause the rock burst.

manage to~:何とか~する。
had helped to cause the rock burst: 落盤事故の引き金となった。

BBC Newsで英語らしい英語を:バージニア州を震源とする地震でワシントンやニューヨークで揺れ感じる。

24 August 2011 Last updated at 02:20 GMT
Virginia earthquake felt in Washington and New York
A magnitude-5.8 earthquake has rattled the east coast of the United States.

・rattle: (cause something to) make short sharp sounds quickly, one after anther; (cause something to) shake while making such sounds.

The quake centred on the state of Virginia but was felt in Washington, where the Pentagon and US Capitol were evacuated, as well as in New York.
The National Cathedral was damaged and the Washington Monument closed. There were no immediate reports of injuries.
Federal officials said two nuclear reactors had been taken offline near the epicenter of the quake but that no damage had been reported.
A total of 12 nuclear plants declared "unusual events" after the quake. The quake struck some 84 miles (135km) from south-west of Washington, at a depth of 3.7 miles (6km), the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.
Its epicentre was about 8km (five miles) from the town of Mineral, in the state of
two nuclear reactors had been taken offline:2つの原子力発電機は(揺れを感じいち早く)止まってしまっていた。
epicenter:point at which an earthquake reaches the earth’s surface.震源地
the US Geological Survey (USGS):アメリカ地質調査所


An initial measurement of 5.8 was later upgraded to 5.9, but later amended back to 5.8 by the USGS.The quake was one of the most powerful on the east coast of the US since 1897,
according to USGS records, matching the strength of a tremor in the state of New
York in 1944.
Three aftershocks were recorded during Tuesday, the USGS said, the first two
measuring 2.8 and 2.2. The third shock, at 20:04 local time (00:04 GMT on
Wednesday), was a magnitude-4.8 tremor.

An initial measurement of 5.8 was later upgraded to 5.9, but later amended back to 5.8 by the USGS.: USGSが地震の強さを一時変更したが又元に戻したと言うことの説明

Flights held
The main earthquake shook Washington DC for about 30 seconds at 13:51 on
Monday (17:51 GMT), causing office buildings to sway and houses to shake.
The streets of the city filled with evacuated workers minutes after the quake, and
police moved swiftly to cordon off key government institutions, restricting access to federal buildings on Capitol Hill.
Television monitors and lights swayed for about 30 seconds as the quake rumbled
, and the mobile phone network showed intermittent service for some time
sway: (cause something to) move or lean slowly from side to side.
cordon: separate or enclose something by means of line or ring of policemen, soldiers, etc.
rumble away: move (in the specified direction)making deep heavy continuous sound.
intermittent: continually stopping and the starting again; not constant. 断続的な

"When it started, it felt like someone was moving furniture next door," Peter Walker told the BBC from Washington.
"Things began to shake even more and so everyone rushed out into the corridor.
"The alarm went off and the building was evacuated. After an hour we were all sent home.
"There are traffic jams all over the city. The metro is really crowded and so some
people are walking or cycling home."
President Barack Obama, on vacation in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, was
briefed on the quake by his senior national security and emergency management
staff, the White House said, but told that no emergency assistance had been
went off=>go off: make a sudden loud noise (ここでは「急に非常ベルが鳴り出した」の意)
( BBCワシントン駐在員ピーターウオーカー氏の話では「最初は隣の部屋で家具を動かしているのかのようであったが、だんだんひどくなり、皆廊下に出た、非常ベルが急に鳴り出し、建物にいた人は皆避難した。そして1時間後には皆帰宅。町中交通渋滞。地下鉄も満員で歩いたり、自転車で帰宅した人もいた。」とのこと。

Cathedral damaged
Reports said the tremor was felt as far north as Boston, in North and South Carolina in the south, and as far west as Indianapolis and Detroit.
In Charlottesville, Virginia. some 35 miles from the epicentre, resident Deb Godden said: "Our top floor apartment shook like crazy and there was a big roaring noise all around us. After that there was silence."
Flights from New York's John F Kennedy and Newark airports were delayed while
authorities checked for damage from the quake, but later resumed.
Flights out of Reagan National Airport in Washington were also put on hold, but also resumed normal service shortly after the quake.
The Amtrak passenger train network slowed its trains in its busy north-eastern
routes, and advised passengers to expect delays.
InWashington, the Metro public transportation system was running trains at 15mph (24km/h) while workers inspected the tracks, and likewise said customers should expect delays. Neither system reported injuries.
Reports of minor damage began to trickle in minutes after the quake struck.
At the National Cathedral in north-west Washington, the highest building in the US capital city, three pinnacles in the central tower snapped off and a fourth was
leaning. The 30-storey high central tower suffered structural damage.
"It's not massive damage but it's very serious," Sam Lloyd, dean of the National
Cathedral, told Associated Press.
Also, the embassy of Ecuador was reported to have suffered major damage.
trickle: come or go somewhere slowly or gradually
pinnacle: small pointed ornament built on to a roof.
snap off: break suddenly with a sharp noise

9/11 procedures
Nuclear reactors in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland were
undamaged, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said.
In Charleston, West Virginia, hundreds of workers left the state Capitol building.
"The whole building shook," a spokeswoman for the state Supreme Court said. "You could feel two different shakes. Everybody just kind of came out on their own." The AFP news agency said procedures put in place after the 9/11 attacks were activated in New York when the quake hit. Police guided people to local parks and away from tall buildings.
One witness told AFP she saw a Wall Street skyscraper "shaking like a tuning fork".
Another said the 20th floor of the court building he was on "shook like mad" and that everyone was scared.
Fatima Richardson, 28, who was sitting on the steps of a courthouse said: "You
could see the building moving. I was just freaking out."
the Nuclear Regulatory Commission: 原子力規制委員会
everybody just kind of came out on their own.:皆着の身着のままで出てきた。
activate: make active
freak out:go crazy; temporarily lose control of oneself

'The building's shaking'
Lower Manhattan office worker Juan Ramos told AFP he was confused after giving
blood. "I saw my cup of coffee shaking but I thought nothing of it. I had just donated blood so I thought I had not recovered my equilibrium," he said.
The quake disrupted a news conference on the Dominic Strauss-Kahn affair given
by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.
"To deprive a defendant of his liberty, guilt has to be proven beyond a reasonable
," Mr Vance said.
"For generations, this standard has protected... What's happening?... The whole
building's shaking... Okay, okay, I've been through earthquakes in Seattle... Slowly, slowly, don't rush."
equilibrium: state of being balanced 平衡感覚
reasonable doubt: 合理的な疑い。