Charlie Brownの子供絵本でやさしい英語らしい表現を拾う 1

Charlie Brownの子供絵本でやさしい英語らしい表現を拾う 
Charlie Brown’s Super Book of Questions and Answers-1
About all kinds of animals
…from snails to people!

About the Animal Kingdom

1. How many different kinds of animals are there?
Fifty?  A Hundred?  A thousand?  Ten thousand?   A Hundred thousand?
No! There are a lot more than that. More than one million kinds of animals live on the earth. When we think of animals, we usually think of our pets, the animals on a firm, and the animals in a zoo. We forget the creatures that live in the ocean. We forget insects, worms, and spiders. We even forget birds. They are all animals, too.
To a scientist, an animal is anything that is alive but is not plant. The list of animals includes creatures that are so tiny we can see them only under a microscope. And the list includes you, too!

Useful sentences/expressions
There are a lot more than that. もっといっぱいありますよ。
When we think of animals, we usually think of our pets,…動物というと、先ず我々のペットを思い浮かべます。
We even forget birds. 私たちは小鳥だって忘れています。
To a scientist, an animal is anything that is alive but is not plant.科学者にとっては、動物とは生きているものはなんでも、但し植物は入りません。
The list of animals includes… 動物名を挙げるとすると、、、。


BBC Newsで英語らしい英語を:Russian tanker reaches Nome, Alaska

BBC News - US & CANADA13 January 2012 Last updated at 20:44 GMT
Alaska winter: Russian tanker reaches icebound Nome

A Russian tanker delivering fuel to the Alaskan town of Nome, cut off by ice and extreme weather, has reached the western coastline of Alaska.


The vessel, carrying more than 1.3 million gallons (4.9 million litres) of fuel, was moving in the wake of a US Coast Guard icebreaker.
They are the first ships to reach western Alaska in the depths of winter.
Nome usually receives fuel by barge. But severe autumn snow storms prevented a pre-winter fuel delivery this season.

 in the wake of:
coming after or following something
 In the depths of : when and where something is deepest, most severe, etc.
 barge: large flat-bottomed boat for carrying goods and people on rivers, canals, etc.

The ships are said to be about 6 miles (9.7km) offshore and crews are waiting for daylight - around 11:30 local time - to begin unloading the cargo, when the conditions are safer.
"They want to get a good staging area to start taking fuel off and that would be easier in the morning," Coast Guard official Adam de Rocher told the Associated Press news agency.

 are said to be~:
 a good staging area: 仕事をするしっかりした基地
 taking fuel off:
船は岸からおおよそ6マイル(9.7キロ)の地点にあります。乗組員は仕事をする環境がよくなる午前11時半ころの日の出を待って積荷を降ろし始める。「燃料を降ろすのにしっかりした基地を確保したい。それには午前中のほうが、やりやすいでしょう。」と沿岸警備隊の職員Adam de RocherさんはAssociated Press news社に語った。

The 370ft (113m) Russian tanker is certified to travel through 4ft of ice over long distances. It was deemed to be less expensive and more practical than bringing the delivery into Nome by air. Alaska has been battling huge snowdrifts with up to 7ft of snow in some areas.

 Alaska has been battling huge snowdrifts: 膨大な量の吹き寄せ雪とアラスカは戦ってきました。

BBC News で英語らしい英語を:Indonesian tsunami girl 'reunited with family'


23 December 2011 Last updated at 18:29 GMT
Indonesian tsunami girl 'reunited with family'
An Indonesian girl swept away in the 2004 tsunami has been reunited with her
parents seven years on, the family say

Has been reunited with~: ~との再開を果たした。

Meri Yulanda, also known as Wati, turned up at a cafe in Meulaboh, Aceh, earlier
this week, looking for her parents.
She says she was found by a widow after the disaster and forced to work as a
beggar, being freed only last week.
Indonesia's northern province of Aceh was the worst hit by the Boxing Day tsunami,
which killed 230,000 people.
Tens of thousands of bodies were never recovered and many families never found
out what happened to their loved ones.
There has been no independent verification of Meri's story.

. Also known as~:別名~
 Turn up: 現れる
 Was forced to work as a begger: 無理やり乞食として働かされた
 Boxing Day: 12月26日、クリスマスの翌日、新聞配達やお世話になっている人達にプレゼントを贈る日
Boxing Day is traditionally a day following Christmas when wealthy people in the United Kingdom would give a box containing a gift to their servants. Today, Boxing Day is better known as a bank or public holiday that occurs on December 26, or the first or second weekday after Christmas Day, depending on national or regional laws. It is observed in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and some other Commonwealth nations.
 No independent verification: 本人の関係者以外にこの話を証明するものはない。

'Just knew'
Meri, who is aged 14 or 15 according to different reports, returned to her hometown
remembering only the name of her grandfather, Ibrahim.
Someone at the cafe knew a man by that name and got in touch.
"When I saw my mother, I knew it was her. I just knew it," she said.
"When she saw her mother she yelled 'mama' and ran toward her," her father,
Tarmius, told AFP by telephone.
"Both of them hugged each other and cried," he said, according to the Associated
Press news agency

. Got in touch: 連絡を取った。
Associated Press 社によると、父親は「母子は抱き合って泣いた」と語った。)

Her mother, who had given up hope of seeing Meri again, said she had not immediately recognised her daughter.
"The birthmarks on her belly, and a mole and scar on her face proved that the little
girl was mine," her mother, Yusnidar, told AFP.
The 35-year-old added: "I cannot tell you how grateful I am."
Meri and her sister were separated from their parents when the Asian tsunami
struck the village of Ujong Baroh on the Aceh coast.
After the disaster, Yusnidar and Tarmius travelled to different districts to search for
their lost daughters but could not find them. Their eldest daughter is still missing.
About 168,000 people were killed in Aceh province alone in the tsunami.
Many families continue to hold out hope for finding their loved ones, but reunions
are rare. Many of those announced in recent years have turned out to be untrue

 Recognize her daughter: 彼女の娘であることが分る。
Do you recognise me? 私、誰か分る?
 Birthmark: 出産(新生児)斑
 Mole: ほくろ・あざ
 Scar: 傷跡
 The 35-year-old: 母親のこ(同じ語の繰り返しを避ける為こういう言い方をしている。)

BBC Newsで英語らしい英語を:Ryanair profits from higher revenues


7 November 2011 Last updated at 07:56 GMT

Ryanair profits from higher revenues

l    Ryanair: ライアンエアー(RyanairNASDAQRYAAY)は、アイルランド国籍の格安航空会社。



Ryanair has reported a 23% rise in second quarter profits, and said its full year

results will be better than previously expected.

The budget airline made a pre-tax profit of 463m euros ($637m; £398m) in the three months to 30 September, up from 378m euros a year earlier.

Ryanair said its annual profits would be 10% higher than its previous target.

It said it was continuing to see higher revenues per passenger offset high fuel costs.

l       second quarter: 第2四半期

l       the budget airline: 格安航空会社(かくやすこうくうがいしゃ)、効率化の向上によって低い運航費用を 実現し、低価格かつサービスが簡素化された航空輸送サービスを提供する航空会社で ある。ローコストキャリア(Low-Cost Carrier)、LCCとも言われる

l       a pre-tax profit: 企業営業活動財務活動などを加えた、通常活動から生じる利益


l       offset: 相殺する




Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the airline would be sticking to its growth plans.

He said: "We have been expanding rapidly for 20 years now, there [is] more and

more demand for Ryanair services across Europe."

Mr O'Leary said last month that he intended to double the size of the airline over the next decade.

l       stick to: を続行する。

l       double the size of the airline その航空会社を2倍の規模にする。


He added that the rise in profit came despite the "economic downturn in Europe".

Ryanair's chief financial officer Howard Millar, expanded on this point, saying: "So

far we have not seen any impact from recession."

The airline also confirmed that it would ground up to 80 aircraft over the winter due

to high oil prices, a move it first announced earlier in the year.

l       the economic downturn in Europe: ヨーロッパの不況

l       expanded on this point: この点に関しさらに補足した。

l       any impact from recession: 不況の悪影響。

l       ground: (航空機を)地上に駐機し、飛ばさない状態にしておく。

BBC Newsで英語らしい英語を学ぶ:Labour row grounds Qantas flights

BBC News South Pacific 
29 October 2011 Last updated at 06:49 GMT

Labour row grounds Qantas flights
The Australian airline Qantas is to ground all international and domestic
flights with immediate effect due to an industrial dispute.

labour row=industrial dispute: 労働争議
ground: require or force (an aircraft) to stay on the ground 飛行停止で地上に駐機する。


A statement said all employees involved in the strike would be locked out from Monday evening and flights grounded from 0600 GMT on Saturday.
Aircraft currently in the air will complete their flights, but there will be no further departures.
Chief executive Alan Joyce called his decision "unbelievable".

lock out:: refuse to let workers enter a factory, office, etc until they agree to certain conditions; ロックアウトする(経営者側が取る手段で、従業員の職場への立ち入りを禁止する。)
unbelievable: (自分でも)信じられない。ここでは苦渋の決断であることを表そうとしている。


The airline has been hit by a series of costly strikes.
Baggage handlers, engineers and pilots have been involved in the action costing the company A$15m (US$16m) a week. Total costs are estimated at A$68m, the company said.
The airline issued a statement on its Facebook page saying customers booked on Qantas flights should not go to the airport until further notice.
Tensions between the unions and the Qantas management started in August after the airline announced a restructuring and outsourcing plan.
The union members have voiced their concerns against the proposal, saying it would result in job cuts at the airline's Australian operations.

until further notice: 新たな発表があるまで
a restructuring and outsourcing plan: 組織改革(リストラ)と外注計画


"The airline will be grounded as long as it takes to reach a conclusion on this," said chief executive Alan Joyce.
He said that he would not take "the easy way out" and agree to union demands.
"That would destroy Qantas in the long term." "I'm actually taking the bold decision, an unbelievable decision, a very hard decision, to ground this airline."

the easy way out:the easy solution 安易な解決方法
destroy Qantas in the long term:長い目で見るとカンタス航空をだめにしてしまう。
the bold decision:大胆な決心

(アラン・ジョイス社長は「この問題が解決するまで運行は再開しません。安易な解決法で組合に同調することはありません。安易な道を選ぶことは長い目で見たときカンタスをだめにしてしまいます。私は全面運行停止という自分でも信じられないほど大胆な、難しい決断をしたのです。」と言い切った。 )