英語らしい英語表現BBC News(1) 中国の温家宝首相英国まもなく英国到着

BBC News24 June 2011 Last updated at 23:04 GMT
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao due in UK

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is due to arrive in the UK later for the UK-China Strategic Summit.
Mr Wen will visit the MG car plant at Longbridge, near Birmingham, on Sunday. The plant used to make MG Rover cars, but is now owned by China's Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation.

Is due to arrive: is expected to arrive
The MG car : MG(エム・ジー)は、イギリスのスポーツカーのブランドである。MG は元々、「モーリス・ガレージ」(Morris Garages )を略したものである。現在は中国資本の南京汽車に買収されている。

The first new MG for 16 years rolled off the production line in Longbridge earlier this year.
On Sunday, Mr Wen will meet UK Prime Minister David Cameron.
The summit is an annual meeting between the two countries. The last one took place in Beijing in November last year.
The aim of the summit is to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries. With China having overtaken Japan as the world's second largest economy, many European companies are looking for investment, while Chinese acquisitions in Europe have also been increasing.

Roll off: to be driven off
On Sunday:英字新聞では近い日にちは曜日であらわされるのが普通。
Bilateral:having two side; affecting or involving two parties, countries, esp. in trade and finance.

Earlier this month, Chinese PC maker Lenovo agreed to buy German electronics retailer Medion in a bid to boost its market share in Europe.
A lot of luxury goods companies have also been focusing their attention on China, as the country now has a large, growing middle class with money to spend.

In a bid to : in an effort to do
Boost : increase the strength
Focus attention on : concentrate one’s attention on