BBC Newsで英語らしい英語を学ぶ。 カンガルーが94歳の女性Phyllis Johnsonさんを襲う


26 July 2011 Last updated at 05:43 GMT
Rogue kangaroo attacks 94-year-old Phyllis Johnson
A large, rogue red kangaroo has attacked a 94-year-old woman in her garden in Queensland, Australia.
Phyllis Johnson was hanging out her laundry when the beast bounded into her,
knocking her to the ground and kicking her several times.
She tried to fend it off with a broom but had to crawl to safety.
Her son called the police who used pepper spray to subdue it. Mrs Johnson was
taken to hospital and the kangaroo was later trapped by rangers.
Red kangaroos are the world's largest living marsupial. Named for their ginger fur,
they can weigh about 90kg (200lb), grow as tall as 2m (6ft 7in) and jump more than
9m (30ft).

Rogue: wild animal driven or living apart from the herd.
The beast: kangaroo のこと。
Bound: jump or spring
Fend: defend oneself from something
Crawl: move slowly, with the body on or close to the ground, or on hands and knees.
Subdue: bring something under control by force.
Trap: keep somebody in a place from which he wants to move but cannot.
Marsupial: 有袋動物
Ginger: of the colour ginger

"I thought it was going to kill me," Phyllis Johnson told the Courier-Mail
newspaper from her hospital bed following the attack in the outback town of
"It was taller than me and it just ploughed through the clothes on the washing line
straight for me.
"I happened to have a broom nearby and I just started swinging at it. I bashed it on
the head but it kept going for me. Not even the dog would help, it was too

Outback: remote island area when few people live. 奥地
Plough through: force a way through something
Bash: strike something heavily so as to break or injure.

'Unusual call'Mrs Johnson was forced to crawl into her home and alert her son who also tried to
persuade the animal to go away before calling the police.
Bruised and bleeding, she was subsequently admitted to hospital.
"My son made me. I'm OK, although the 'roo took a chunk of flesh out of my leg and
there's a chance they'll have to operate," she said.
The kangaroo lunged at two police officers before wildlife rangers were able to trap
the kangaroo.
The animal is being examined by a vet before a decision is made about its future.
"It's one of the many unusual calls we get out here," said senior sergeant Stephen Perkins, head of police in Charleville.

tried to persuade the animal to go away: (動物に対してpersuadeという動詞を使っているところが面白い。)なだめてその場から離れさせようとした。
My son made me.:私を救ったのは息子です。
Roo: (Kangarooのことをオーストラリア人はrooと呼ぶ)
Lunge at: make a sudden forward movement of the body (eg. when trying to attack something)
Vet: 獣医
Wildlife rangers: 野生動物保護官
It’s one of the many unusual calls we get out here.:私たちがここで受ける多くの変わった電話の一つです。

Mrs Johnson said she had always enjoyed the kangaroos, and used to feed them
"They've always been so gentle," she said.
"They weren't as big as that one though and they've never gone for me like that.This one seemed to target me, it was putting its feet into me and kicking."

They’ve never gone for me like that: カンガルーはこれまで私にこのような振る舞いをしたことはなかった。