BBC Newsで英語らしい英語を学ぶ:Labour row grounds Qantas flights

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29 October 2011 Last updated at 06:49 GMT

Labour row grounds Qantas flights
The Australian airline Qantas is to ground all international and domestic
flights with immediate effect due to an industrial dispute.

labour row=industrial dispute: 労働争議
ground: require or force (an aircraft) to stay on the ground 飛行停止で地上に駐機する。


A statement said all employees involved in the strike would be locked out from Monday evening and flights grounded from 0600 GMT on Saturday.
Aircraft currently in the air will complete their flights, but there will be no further departures.
Chief executive Alan Joyce called his decision "unbelievable".

lock out:: refuse to let workers enter a factory, office, etc until they agree to certain conditions; ロックアウトする(経営者側が取る手段で、従業員の職場への立ち入りを禁止する。)
unbelievable: (自分でも)信じられない。ここでは苦渋の決断であることを表そうとしている。


The airline has been hit by a series of costly strikes.
Baggage handlers, engineers and pilots have been involved in the action costing the company A$15m (US$16m) a week. Total costs are estimated at A$68m, the company said.
The airline issued a statement on its Facebook page saying customers booked on Qantas flights should not go to the airport until further notice.
Tensions between the unions and the Qantas management started in August after the airline announced a restructuring and outsourcing plan.
The union members have voiced their concerns against the proposal, saying it would result in job cuts at the airline's Australian operations.

until further notice: 新たな発表があるまで
a restructuring and outsourcing plan: 組織改革(リストラ)と外注計画


"The airline will be grounded as long as it takes to reach a conclusion on this," said chief executive Alan Joyce.
He said that he would not take "the easy way out" and agree to union demands.
"That would destroy Qantas in the long term." "I'm actually taking the bold decision, an unbelievable decision, a very hard decision, to ground this airline."

the easy way out:the easy solution 安易な解決方法
destroy Qantas in the long term:長い目で見るとカンタス航空をだめにしてしまう。
the bold decision:大胆な決心

(アラン・ジョイス社長は「この問題が解決するまで運行は再開しません。安易な解決法で組合に同調することはありません。安易な道を選ぶことは長い目で見たときカンタスをだめにしてしまいます。私は全面運行停止という自分でも信じられないほど大胆な、難しい決断をしたのです。」と言い切った。 )