BBC Newsで英語らしい英語を:Ryanair profits from higher revenues


7 November 2011 Last updated at 07:56 GMT

Ryanair profits from higher revenues

l    Ryanair: ライアンエアー(RyanairNASDAQRYAAY)は、アイルランド国籍の格安航空会社。



Ryanair has reported a 23% rise in second quarter profits, and said its full year

results will be better than previously expected.

The budget airline made a pre-tax profit of 463m euros ($637m; £398m) in the three months to 30 September, up from 378m euros a year earlier.

Ryanair said its annual profits would be 10% higher than its previous target.

It said it was continuing to see higher revenues per passenger offset high fuel costs.

l       second quarter: 第2四半期

l       the budget airline: 格安航空会社(かくやすこうくうがいしゃ)、効率化の向上によって低い運航費用を 実現し、低価格かつサービスが簡素化された航空輸送サービスを提供する航空会社で ある。ローコストキャリア(Low-Cost Carrier)、LCCとも言われる

l       a pre-tax profit: 企業営業活動財務活動などを加えた、通常活動から生じる利益


l       offset: 相殺する




Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the airline would be sticking to its growth plans.

He said: "We have been expanding rapidly for 20 years now, there [is] more and

more demand for Ryanair services across Europe."

Mr O'Leary said last month that he intended to double the size of the airline over the next decade.

l       stick to: を続行する。

l       double the size of the airline その航空会社を2倍の規模にする。


He added that the rise in profit came despite the "economic downturn in Europe".

Ryanair's chief financial officer Howard Millar, expanded on this point, saying: "So

far we have not seen any impact from recession."

The airline also confirmed that it would ground up to 80 aircraft over the winter due

to high oil prices, a move it first announced earlier in the year.

l       the economic downturn in Europe: ヨーロッパの不況

l       expanded on this point: この点に関しさらに補足した。

l       any impact from recession: 不況の悪影響。

l       ground: (航空機を)地上に駐機し、飛ばさない状態にしておく。