BBC News で英語らしい英語を。チャベス大統領の入院手術後の映像

BBC News29 June 2011 Last updated at 03:50 GMT
Hugo Chavez: Cuban TV airs new footage
New pictures and video footage of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez have
been shown on Cuban state television.
Very little has been seen or heard from Mr Chavez since he had an emergency
operation in Cuba on 10 June, prompting speculation about his state of health.
The new images show an apparently well Mr Chavez dressed in a tracksuit in the
colours of the Venezuelan flag, chatting animatedly with Fidel Castro.
Cuban TV said the images were taken on Tuesday.
footage: scene of a film
prompt: cause or incite (somebody)to do something.
tracksuit: warm loose fitting trousers and jacket worn for athletic practice, as casual clothes, etc.

The footage was the lead item on Cuban news. The newscaster described the
meeting as "fraternal", but he gave no details about the Venezuelan president's
It showed the two men standing and sitting down as they chatted.
The BBC's Michael Voss in the Cuban capital Havana said the footage seemed to
be taken in the grounds of the hospital where Mr Chavez had his operation.
Mr Chavez's unexpectedly long absence from Venezuela has prompted debate
there on whether he should delegate executive power to his vice-president.
Venezuelan officials have said the surgery was for a pelvic abscess, but there has
been speculation in the Venezuelan and foreign press that the president's condition
could be more serious.
・    the lead item: main news
fraternal: of a brother or brothers
delegate executive power: (副大統領に)執政権を譲る
a pelvic abscess: 骨盤腫瘍

Uncertain return
"Let these images serve to bring peace to the people of Venezuela regarding the
health of President Chavez," Venezuelan Communications Minister Andres Izarra
said on state TV.
"To those of you who are speculating over the president's health, there he is... fine,
recovering well."
Until the release of the latest images, only one set of photos of Mr Chavez since his
operation had been released.
These showed him flanked by Fidel and Raul Castro - the former and current leader
of communist Cuba - who were apparently visiting him in hospital in Havana.
Aside from that, Mr Chavez had given only one interview - by phone to a
Venezuelan-funded television channel, Telesur.
And in the past few days, there have been several messages posted on his Twitter
But his output has been noticeably restricted, especially when compared with his
normal, frequent appearances in the media.
There is as yet no clear timetable for his return.
But on Sunday, the president of the National Assembly, Fernando Soto Rojas, said
Mr Chavez could be back in the country in time for Venezuela's bicentennialcelebrations on 5 July.

Uncertain return: the date returning to Venezuela is not fixed yet.
flanked: place somebody on each side of or at the side of somebody.
Aside from that: additionally
 noticeably: easily seen or noticed
as yet: until now, then
bicentennial: happening once in two hundred years; marking a bicentenary

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