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BBC News
Libya's Gaddafi prepared to leave, says Alain Juppe

リビア情勢に変化が出てきた。カダフィ大佐が国を離れるということで解決を図ろうと大佐側が使者をフランスやトルコ、アメリカに送っている様子。国連の決定でリビアの住民を守ろうとフランスが主体となって政府軍に攻撃を仕掛けたが、過去にヨーロッパから買い入れた武器とアフリカの傭兵まで入れて政府は交戦し、4か月がたった今でも終結していない。アメリカでなく、フランスがリーダーシップをとっての攻撃で、そのフランスにカダフィの使者が接触してきたのである。未だ本格交渉にまでは至っていないが、政治的解決が具体化してきそうな雰囲気である。 フランスとその同盟諸国はカダフィ大佐が国の指導者の地位を離れなければ攻撃はやめないと主張している。

France says it has had contacts with envoys from Muammar Gaddafi who say the Libyan leader is "prepared to leave".
"The Libyan regime is sending messengers everywhere, to Turkey, to New York, to Paris" offering to discuss Col Gaddafi's exit, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe told French radio.
But he added that such contacts did not constitute negotiations.

Envoy: messenger or representative, especially one sent to deal with a foreign government.
Constitute: make up

France played a key role in launching Nato-led strikes in Libya, under a UN-mandated mission to protect civilians.
Mr Juppe told France Info radio on Tuesday: "We are receiving emissaries who are telling us: 'Gaddafi is prepared to leave. Let's discuss it.'
"There are contacts but it's not a negotiation proper at this stage."
French foreign ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said: "These are emissaries who say they are coming in the name of Gaddafi. What is important is that we send them the same message and stay in close contact with our allies on this."

Emissary: a person sent to deliver a message
Proper:Strictly so-called
In the name of Gaddafi: カダフィ大佐の名代として

The comments come as the French parliament debated the continuation of air strikes over Libya, four months into the campaign.
Prime Minister Francois Fillon told the assembly that a political solution was "beginning to take shape".
Hugh Schofield in Paris says that although this may turn out to be overblown, the French - who are prime movers in the Libya campaign - seem to be showing the first signs that it could be heading towards a conclusion.
Rebels are holding eastern Libya and pockets in the west, but have so far not made decisive moves towards the capital Tripoli, where Col Gaddafi remains entrenched.
France and other coalition countries have insisted that the Libyan leader must stand down for hostilities to end.

Stalemate: deadlock
Take shape: 具体化してくる。
Overblown: (of flowers) past their best 最盛期を過ぎた。
Pocket: small isolated area
Entrench: establish very firmly

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